6 Amazing Ways to Enjoy a Vacation in Miami by Yachting

How to Have A Fun Miami Vacation With Yacht Charter Tours

Home to verdant beaches and amazing attractions, Miami is a vibrant city, buzzing with a year-round holiday-feel that is beautiful to imbibe for all those who are bogged down by the stress and monotony of everyday life. The weather is breezy, balmy and welcoming for all sorts of adventures and activities. At Miami, you have all the ingredients for memorable fun. The beaches are gorgeous, the people are beautiful, and there are umpteen opportunities for entertainment. And yet, the best way to enjoy this gaudy city is to experience it from an aquatic vantage point. After all, Miami stands for all things water! No wonder, the mention of Miami often conjures up images of neon, beach parties, umbrellas, bikinis and sailing yachts. When it comes to a city like Miami, yachting is the best way to holiday!

6 Amazing Ways to Enjoy a Vacation in Miami by Yachting

Yacht charters give you plenty of ways to revel in this land of sun and turf. You can rent a yacht in Miami and hop aboard to take a tour of the city, or spend the day in leisure as you bask in deck with a drink in one hand and eyes fixated on the bottle-nose dolphins bobbing up and down on the water afar. Alternatively, you can take Miami beach tours, or join the non-stop beach party at the sandbar before ending the day with a heart-filling dining experience at a dockside restaurant.

So, if you’re still toying with the idea of a yacht rentalĀ  Miami, do take a look at the splendid ways in which yachting can help you make the most of your vacation!

#1 Biscayne Bay Tour

Climb aboard a yacht charter for an unforgettable sightseeing experience from a journey that takes you through the beautiful Biscayne Bay and the verdant Venetian Island. When you rent the charter, you also get the option of renting an expert guide, who tells you fascinating facts about the many views visible from the yacht. Far away from the hustle bustle of the chaotic city life of Miami, you will experience a Zen-like calmness as you sail along a private yacht with only your loved ones for company. As you drift off from the shores, you will experience the exhilarating feeling of the breeze blowing through your hair. Feast your eyes on the Miami skyline and take a few snapshots of the panorama as keepsakes. A sightseeing cruise takes you to the Star and Hibiscus Island too, where you get to behold the impressive holiday resorts of celebrities, including Will Smith, Rosie O’Donnell and Shaquille O’Neal. Soak in the sights of the Venetian Island while your yacht glides over the glittering blue waters. With a reliable guide at hand, you can learn interesting trivia on Miami’s culture and history.

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#2 Dockside Dining

What better way to give a delightful end to a long, tiring and fun-filled day than by a fancy meal in a dockside restaurant amidst pleasant ambiance and breathtaking views? This is undoubtedly a must on your things-to-do at Miami. After indulging in fun water activities all day long, it’s time to give your brain a much-needed glucose rush. Just dock your yacht charter in Miami and sit back and relax while sampling local delicacies and refreshing drinks at a dockside restaurant. Unwind and enjoy the incredible view of the sunset while digging into the perfect dinner inspired by an authentic Mediterranean diet of organic meats, fresh fish, herbs, lots of fruits and bio-dynamic wines. The twin pleasure of tucking into a hot and heart-filling meal together with the stunning locale at the lap of nature is sure to stay safe in your memories long after you have returned back to the chaos of your daily life!

#3 Head to a Dashing Party at the Sandbar on Miami Beach

Hundreds of locals and boaters don’t need any invitation or a special occasion to join the year-round happening party held the Haulover sandbar of Miami Beach. This one-of-a-kind place is nestled right in the midst of the sparkling blue waters and acts as a magnet to draw fun-loving tourists, hipsters and families all together to enjoy the sunny, balmy weather and the warm, shallow waters for a unique holiday feel that gets you giddy in joy. All you have to do is rent a sailing yacht, climb aboard and head to sandbar for a fun-filled party that goes all day long. Why party indoors when you can do it on your own sailing yacht in Miami Beach?

#4 Take a Semi-Secluded Island Hopping Tour

To revel in the bliss of hard-core adventure, climb aboard a sailing yacht for a rewarding afternoon of island hopping, fishing and luxurious parties whilst you chart across the waters of sultry South Florida. Explore the captivating waters of scenic Biscayne Bay, a lagoon located on the Atlantic Coast. The sailing yacht will take you farther away from Miami downtown, to a aquatic paradise replete with stunning coral reefs, shimmering blue-green waters and an incredibly exotic assortment of fish fauna. Marvel at the mangrove forests on the East Coast while your yacht steers along. After taking a couple of prize-winning snaps of the vivid marine life nestled in the clear, shallow waters, head over to the Haulover Sandbar to either party or glut in pints of beer while soaking up the vibes of Miami.

#5 Experience Modern Comforts in Seclusion

Apart from taking you through a guided tour of the splendid sights of Miami, a sailing yacht that carries jet ski miami offers that will give you the utmost in comfort and style water toy fun out on the water. You get to relax in the lap of luxury while sailing through the crystal-blue waters of Miami’s waterfront. You also get to learn about Miami through a bilingual narrated cruise while basking in the comforts of a climate-controlled cabin and an entertaining crew. You can choose to be enamored by the fresh ocean breeze at the upper class deck of the yacht, or simply sit in the awnings whilst watching the light seasonal showers falling at a distance. You can feast on your favorite snack from the cash bar of the yacht or sip on exotic drinks while taking in the majestic views and vibes of the skyline from the water. Imagine breathing in the fresh Florida air while feeling the ocean breeze flirt with your hair, and you’ll know why yacht sailing is probably the best way to enjoy Miami.

#6 Day Trip to The Grand Bahamas

A yacht charter can take you to the Grand Bahamas for a day trip, wherein you get to relax at leisure in a private beach after a memorable time of witnessing the sights and sounds along the way. With proper transportation both to and from your hotel, you can sail all the way to the islands of Bahamas and soak up the beach sun or simply lounge by the pool. Additionally, you choose to go for a dive or golf amid the vast expanse of lush greenery. With its magnificent make, modern amenities and smooth performance, a yacht charter gives you the pleasure of a hassle-free sailing experience, so that you arrive in style and still have plenty of energy for fun activities lined up for the day.


Yacht charters Miami offers you the golden opportunity to spend a relaxing day cruising along the crystal-blue expanse of the Atlantic Ocean as well as Miami’s waterfront. Sailing yachts give you a wonderful vantage point to behold the exquisite coastline of this beautiful city. Whether you wish to cruise, revel in luxury, island hop, dine at the dockside, celebrate a special event, or capture amazing shots of the city skyline, sailing yachts have got you covered!